Sunday, August 16, 2009

We attended the Neitsytpolku Ward in Helsinki this morning. Wayne attended there 45 years ago as a young missionary. We had been wanting to go there but just had not gotten there. There was a missionary there that Wayne had been asked to see for a little medical 'thing' so we felt it was time to get down there. (The missionaries phone has not been working for the past 4 - 5 days that he has been trying to reach him.......President Brown and Sisar Brown knew about the phone problems) We are so glad we went. It is a great little ward. Wayne was asked right off the bat to help bless the sacrament! That was great. Then we attended an English speaking Sunday School class.....taught by Pavel Bashkavtov (who is the Temple Recorder). He did a great job. This picture is of our Sunday School class. The lesson was on Eternal Marriage.....right up our ally as temple missionaries!
We needed to scoot over to the end of Haaga Ward so I could deliver a cross stitch scripture bookmark to Sisar Havu. She is such a sweet lady! She is one of the first Finns I met at the temple and was able to help her with some of the Finnish! She was just thrilled to get this little gift.
We got home and I fixed a salmon steak dinner! Oh my goodness......people over here in this part of the world just don't know how good they have it with all of this wonderful Norwegain Salmon so readily available! It is just soooooo good no matter how you fix it. I pan fried it today. We tend to have Salmon at least once a week it seems. Can not get enough of it!

Tonight we have FHE with the temple missionaries here in the asuntola. It is going to be a 'movie night' we are told. We just don't know which movie yet! :-)

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