Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another small world story in the temple today! (We sure seem to have them often). Wayne brought a lot of his mission pictures with us 'just in case'! Today in the temple Wayne got to talking to an American and found out his last name was a Finnish name! In talking with him more he found out that his mother is from Finland and that they were living in America. What town had his mother grown up in here in Finland? Lappeenaranta! Wayne had served there as a young missionary!! He thought he might know her. We met them as they were coming out of the temple and sure enough it was her!!! What a great reunion. We caught up on her family and she caught up on ours. She is working as a professor at BYU Hawaii. Here is a picture of Helena Hannonen and her son Marcus. We were standing in front of the temple main doors.

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