Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another wonderful Russian week (St. Petersburg) quickly winding down. And yet, another cross stitch temple picture 'delivered' to a sweet couple. They came here to be sealed. That sealing took place yesterday. Today they have to head back to Russia. With sad hearts they prepare to leave and hope that someday they will be able to come back again....we hope while we are here serving as missionaries!
Another shot of all four of us with the temple in the background, of course!
I took this group shot......the sister is the middle is a sister to the gal that was sealed to her husband. What sweet folks they ALL are! And the young man standing next to dad is his 'private interpreter'. He is excellent with his english.....although he doesn't think so!
And another gorgeous view of the temple......sunset last night, Wednesday night. The nights are beginning to be darker earlier now. Oh my......winter is surely not too far off!

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