Monday, August 24, 2009

This deserves a separate entry all on its own!! My FIRST REAL FINNISH SAUNA!!! Wayne couldn't believe I agreed to do this. While visiting the Multamaki's in Mantyharu this weekend, they invited us to use their newly finished in-home sauna! I said yes before I realized what I had said!! They would not let me back out of this now.....I had actually said YES!!! Oh we go......heat and all!!!
It actually turned out quite nice. I could go for another sauna AGAIN!! I think I might be hooked on them. Here are a couple of shots taken inside the sauna......with appropriate robes on for the pictures. That was the only way we could take the pictures! :-)

It was a very nice sauna too. I don't mind this kind!
After we finished in the sauna, we sat out on their upstairs deck relaxing in the cool evening air! I could get used to this! Next time we visit the Multimaki's!

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