Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Apostle and a large group of church leaders come to Helsinki Finland Temple!

Let's back up a month or so. President Luthy announced to us temple missionaries that we had some very special guests coming on August 27th and that we were not to talk about it.....which we have not! Hard to keep a secret like this one though. Coming would be Elder L. Tom Perry, Sister Perry, one of their granddaughters, Elder Rasband (senior president of the 7 presidents of the 1st quorum of seventy), Sister Rasband, the entire Area Presidency and all Mission Presidents and their wives from all of the Europe East and Russia Missions.

Elder Perry, President Rasband and the other Area Presidency have been in Europe doing training with Mission President and the Wife. They had training last week in west Europe, ending with a session for all of them in the London Temple. This week they have come to Estonia, Tallinn to have training with the Europe East and Russia Mission President. They have been meeting all week. They ended their meetings by having a session together in the Helsinki Temple! We could not have been more excited!!

Knowing they were coming, I had to make bookmarks for Sister Perry and their granddaughter, Diana. Sister Luthy would see that they got them for me. Since I would probably only get to see them in the temple, that would not be appropriate for me to give to her there.

Wayne and I had been asked to officiate the temple session for the group! We were thrilled. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Wayne did a great job......."perfect" to quote one of the leader. In fact, this particular leader said to me afterward....."NO pressure, just a general authority, an entire area presidency and all of those mission president and their worry"! He was right......but Wayne did a beautiful job.
After the session and short meeting in the asuntola were finished, Wayne was also asked to help drive folks to the airport. He was happy to help. This is a picture he was able to get of Elder Perry headed inside at the airport.

What a wonderful event! One that we will not soon forget!

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