Sunday, November 22, 2009

We started the day off by scraping some very thick frost off of all of the car windows....we had 4 cars going to church today.....3 to Haaga and one to Marjaniemi where the Johnson's and we went to church. We had a lot of 'extra' folks to transport because of missionaries from Russia being here and needing rides long with a sister and her son from Oulu who were on their way home by way of Marjaniemi.

This is the Marjaniemi is a very nice building, much like the Kereva Ward Building.

When we got home from church we were able to relax a bit. I always have my cross stitch bookmarks in 'progress'! And Wayne has his genealogy that he is working on.

While I was fixing dinner we had a surprise video chat with Steven and Tim and Sam! That was fun. They looked good. The boys are getting bigger and are growing into young men. Tim turns 12 years old tomorrow!! Is that really possible!! Can you really be that old Tim?? Come on, fess up!!

AND.....the frustration of it all.....that being computers!!! All of a sudden I couldn't download any of my pictures from my camera. Go figure......I HATE COMPUTERS!!!! AND ALL ELECTRONIC THINGIES FOR THAT MATTER!!
After a frustrating time of reading our camera booklet and doing everything we could, we e-mailed Kevin to get suggestions from him. In the meantime, Wayne took a picture of my frustration AND I decided to 'REBOOT'. After all.....that is what I have been 'taught' to do IF all else fails......REBOOT!!! :-) IT WORKED. I was able to get this blog posted!!!

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