Saturday, November 21, 2009


So..... when I finished taking pictures, it was time for our Saturday tradition of going out to eat somewhere!! Anywhere!! We normally go to Hesburger but today we decided to go to IKEA because it is very large and they apparently have a great cafeteria inside! Johnson's have been there before. So, off the 3 American couples went!

Johnson's, Groberg's and Allgaier's! We don't know that it was meant to be a tradition, but it seems like that is the way it is headed. That is okay because we are having fun!!

I have been looking for a winter robe.....and one that I can use when we go to sauna! I was not even looking and there it was right there in the sauna / bathroom section of IKEA! PURPLE and warm and meant for me!! And a decent price (at least for Finland!) When we got home, we were checking e-mail and there was a little 'skype' chat screen thingie from Kevin. Unbeknownst to me, Kevin took a picture and sent it our way. He said it was okay to use it. How fun is that. The amazing thing is that this is the first time I think I have used that feature and I figured it out all by myself. I heard this 'funny little noise' and saw my little skype icon bouncing up and down so I figured that meant something! Sure DID!! I am getting better at this computer stuff! But don't tell the kids! :-)

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