Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I was asked to come up and help in the Recorder's Office today because they were a little short-handed. I was happy to do that. I enjoy working there. We are on the afternoon shift this week so my working there would not interfere with my being 'on line'. Wayne decided to stay in the apartment and catch up on some things. I am sure he enjoyed having a bit of 'free time' to himself.

There were 3 Russian families that were sealed this morning. Wayne was able to get some pictures of them as they headed up to the temple! They were so very happy!! As they should have been. To be an eternal family is a wonderful thing!!

They have made a very, very long trek to get here. And a great deal of personal sacrifice as well. It may be a very, very long time before any of these folks get to come back to the temple. I am so glad they can be here and enjoy the spirit of the temple. Whatever we can do to make their trip more meaningful, we are happy to do. They definitely love to take as many pictures as they can to document their wonderful trip.

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