Friday, November 6, 2009


We thought they might be coming, but not quite sure when or how long they could be here or if it was really going to happen for them!! The Balls Family (or at least one of the daughters, Lindy). They used to live in Mt. Airy Ward and Veli Balls served as the Piispa for a while.

About 3 years ago they moved to sunny, warm and humid Florida! Kerri has relatives here in Finland. Her family came from the Swedish part of Finland many years ago. They came so they could meet for the first time these two cousins! The cousins are not members of our church but suggested that Kerri and family might like to see their Mormon Temple! And indeed they DID want to see it.
We were actually able to spend about 2 hours with the Balls after which time the cousins came back and picked them up.

Perfect Finnish weather for their visit......SNOW!! They love it. We hope this will be the first of many friends and family who may come to see us here! It was a wonderful couple of hours. Did NOT make us homesick! That was good. We love being here!

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