Saturday, November 28, 2009

Even though the Alakoski's have been out sick all week from the temple, and tonight was their 'farewell' as a member of the previous temple presidency, they were unable to attend because of that sickness!! BUT.....the 'show must go on' and so we had a little party for them!!! It was so nice and and we were so sorry that they had to miss their own party!!

The cake was a delicious and moist Finnish cake.....real whip cream and fresh fruit inside and out!!! Oh my......we just got to eat more since there were fewer people there!

A group picture of those who were able to be there.....picture taken by Pavel! He HATES his picture taken.

The attendees were: President ja Sisar Haikkola, President ja Sisar Vorimo, Veli ja Sisar Peciulines, Veli ja Sisar Zaretskijs, Veli ja Sisar Johnson ja Veli ja Sisar Allgaier.

President Haikkola DID get Pavel to have ONE picture taken and he stook there with him just to give him moral support. How sweet of both of them. Sometimes we do what we have to do whether we like it or not!

And President ja Sisar Vorimo sharing the same chair and just hanging out a bit.....relaxing after a hard day of work in the temple! We all need that once in a while! :-)

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