Saturday, November 21, 2009


As if I needed one more thing, I have decided (with Wayne's encouragement) to start keeping track of all of the counted cross Helsinki Temple bookmarks and little round pictures that I make as gifts! I should have done this from the beginning. Trying to recreate after almost 6 months is hard, but......better now than a year from now. It has been fun for me to go back through all of the hundreds of pictures we have taken and see just how our lives have been touched by so many, many wonderful people. And just how many of these I have made. I have accounted for 50 so far. I know I have done more than that but don't have the pictures to go with the names. I will put this 'project' in my 'Vieraskirja' book (guest book). It should be fun and hope others will enjoy looking at it! Okay....that truly is ALL for today!