Wednesday, November 4, 2009


SO, last night (Tuesday night) we had our weekly temple missionary meeting with President & Sisar Haikkola in their apartment. This has been held so that we can talk about any 'issues' which may need to be addressed with regards to specific concerns for the week! Very helpful and useful meetings and good information. We always say 'they will be more than 30 minutes' but they always seem to go for about 1 hour. It seems that when we all get together, we just love to talk and to visit. We enjoy one another's company!

Well, this week the meeting was the FIRST for President and Sisar Haikkola. They really didn't have much of an agenda but told us we could ask whatever questions we wanted to ask! Oh, that was fun!!

The setting was as follows:

2 Russian Couples - Pechiulis and Zaretski (actually the Pechiulis are from Lithuania)
3 American Couples (Allgaier, Groberg and Johnson)
3 Finnish Couples (Jakko, Olaja, and Makinen)

Keep in mind that President & Sisar Haikkola are Finnish as well.

Sisar Haikkola said she would interrupt from Finnish to English, Veli Jakko would translate from Finnish to Russian and President Haikkola would just speak plain old Finnish! Now, that is a meeting for you isn't it!!

Part way through the meeting we noticed that President Haikkola was speaking in English and his wife was translating his direction to us in English!! Now that was so cute......they both started laughing when they realized that they were both speaking English!

Just goes to show us what a complication we have in working with so many languages. We never quite know what language we are speaking! This work must be true or we would have all ruined it a long time ago!!! LOVE THIS WORK!! :-)


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