Sunday, November 8, 2009

It is Father's Day in Finland!

And the Primary had their Sacrament Meeting Program. This is a copy of the front cover of the program. It was very good. Those little Finnish children are so cute when they sing!

It was so interesting.....we looked out the window of the chapel and saw a stroller sitting there. Upon looking closer we realized their was a sleeping baby inside!! We looked out another window and saw another stroller!! In America this would be called 'child neglect' and the parents would probably have the children taken away from them. It is a custom here in Finland that children are wrapped up warmly and put outside in the cold for their naps!! That is how they toughen them up I guess!!

Then, tonight was our Temple Missionary Family Home Evening. We have this about every two weeks. It was our turn to 'teach' the lesson. Wayne has been preparing for months with a Finnish history lesson! He was so excited and couldn't wait to present.

This picture is of the two new Russian speaking missionary couples (one from Russia and one from Lithuania) with one of the Finnish missionaries (who is also Russian speaking from Russia) translating for them!

A picture of more of those attending. Sisar Haikkola translated for the Finish speaking couples!!

And Wayne being introduced by President Haikkola! Notice he was wearing his Finland tie!

The refreshments were prepared by me (Vicki). I made chocolate chip cookies and had ice cream as well.

It was a fun evening and a fun day!!

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