Friday, November 20, 2009


When we got home from the temple this afternoon we had to run a couple of quick errands over to Sello. We drove because it was so yucky outside.....rainy, cold, dismal! We just simply did not feel like walking in that kind of weather.

One of my NEW FAVORITE stores is PENTIK. They have great things and great quality! All Finland made. I like that. I bought (for me!) the red votive candle holder. You can see 'yellow' in it by turning it a certain way! That apparently is an expensive process! Go figure.....

As we left the temple this afternoon, I found a little package by my locker! Handmade pair of wool socks in my favorite color....purple!! Made by Sisar Hyvarinen! Bless her heart.

I couldn't just give her a little thank you note. SO.....I did what I know I can do.....make her a personalized Helsinki Temple Bookmark. I bought a box of chocolates to go with it. When I see her at the temple tomorrow morning (Saturday) I will have a little 'gift' for her too!!

KIITOS PALJON Sisar Hyvarinen!! (that 'a' would be with 2 dots over top)

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