Sunday, November 29, 2009


That event began at about 6 p.m. It is always fun to catch up with the young missionaries and what they are doing! We think they also enjoy 'catching' up with us as Temple workers. Notice those reflectors just a-shinnin' with the picture being taken!

Not a very good picture of the crowd or the nativity scene but wanted to get the events with the temple in the background.

The program was very brief which was nice considering how cold it was! No snow for the event but very festive nonetheless!

Then it was inside the asuntola to have some warm mehu (finnish drink) and some ginger cookies. I also contributed some homemade sugar cookies that we had made the night before. We couldn't eat them all so we offered to bring some. Sisar Haikkola was very kind to let me bring them.

The missionaries were quite fascinated with my electronic 'gadgets'......couldn't believe that this old grandma had any!! Digital camera, ipod nano (they loved the purple color and were amazed that I knew how to take video with it) and an iphone and knew how to use it!! Impressed easily!! :-) If they only knew just how handicapped I really am with all of this stuff!!
It has been a very full and wonderful day. I am pooped and ready for bed!! Tomorrow is P-Day and I am ready to do laundry and clean the apartment!!

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