Thursday, November 26, 2009

SOOOOOOO, Let me catch up a minute!! Last night, Wednesday, I 'found' 3 of my little Russian gals to give them their bookmarks I had made for them. It was so fun to surprise them. They seemed to love them.....they gave me big hugs and kisses!! These are the bookmarks I made......

Sisar Lazarenko, Sisar Valentina Kalacheva, and Sisar Nina Trofimova......all from Yekaterinburg, Russia.

At the asuntola desk is Sisar Lazarenko watching a video of a russian brother 'performing' a solo when they were here back in July. Sisar Peciliuene watched as we laughed!

Then, my two little sweeties......the one with the pigtales was just so cute. They are both you can tell from me. I am only 5' 1-1/2 inches....I was bending over to give them a hug. They were just so appreciative!

And, Sisar Lazarenko got her bookmark! She asked me to make one for her friend that was endowed on Tuesday......Svetlana Astafyeva. I did make it and she was also thrilled!!

We also had our traditional Tuesday night meeting with the Temple President and Matron....which has now been moved to Wednesday night (under the direction of our new temple president). After the meeting the 4 of us sisters just lined up outside of their apartment and started the massages! AHHH they were so nice!! I think we all needed them!!

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