Saturday, September 25, 2010

We woke up this morning to ONE MORE shot of the FULL MOON.....Just gorgeous. Had to take one more picture.

We worked part of our shift this morning at the Temple before heading up to LAHTI to give our Temple presentation at the
Finland-wide Youth Conference. The theme was:

(Live Your Life English)

We ended up teaching 3 times, which worked out well. We had a total of about 110 youth come to the 3 classes.

Here is CLASS turned out to be the best of the 3 classes.
And CLASS #2....... a bit more challenging.
And last but certainly not least, CLASS #3......wonder why teenagers have to be 'challenging' at times. Somehow, they tend to 'turn-out' okay by the time they become adults though.
Wayne had a little chalkboard is one of the 'results' of the drawing they did.
They loved the handouts we had made for them. Remember I made 65 of the cross stitch Helsinki Temples? Well, that was my handout. Wayne's was a picture of the temple with a writing on it.......Look to the Temple.
On our drive home we 'found' some beautiful fall colors in all their glory. It has been a very successful day.

Temple-wise........This has been St. Petersburg Viiko (week). What wonderful patrons and workers they had this week. Love each one of them. And so good to see so may here. It will be a while before they return.

NEXT WEEK: TAMPERE week......a lot of Finns with a couple of Lithuanians and Russians in the mix!! Yea! Good for all of them.

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