Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Veli Erlamo is a worker in the temple. We see him every week there. He is so faithful. Sisar Erlamo helps with grandchildren and is not able to work in the temple. What a sweet, great couple they are. We just loved spending the evening with them.
FALL is definitely here......proof of it with this beautiful tree turning fall colors in their driveway.
As we were talking a walk around their 'garden' (yard) we were so impressed with all of the great project that Veli Erlamo has built himself. This seesaw was built by him. He used old wagon wheels from Sisar Erlamo's family dating back to the early 1900's!
We enjoyed a nice little 'after dinner' swing and chat with fun to talk to. Even in Finnish!!
Veli Erlamo wanted to 'borrow' Wayne camera for a minute.....our turn for a picture.
Their KIISSA (cat) so much reminded me of Chessie! So sweet and friendly and ISO!! (big)
Tomorrow......Jonathan, Tina and Steven, Elinn arrive!!! Can't wait......

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