Thursday, September 9, 2010


And it is good to have Jonathan and Tina and Steven and Elinn here!!! Seems like we have been planning this for such a long time and it is finally here!

Got all of there luggage loaded in the mission car and headed over to our apartment.
Lots of fun 'goodies' packed in 'them there' suitcase(s)! It was like Christmas Morning.
SCARVES are 'IN' right now here in Finland. With the chilly air, it is more for function than fashion.
In our effort to keep the kids awake for help with the JETLAG we decided a walk to Sello was in order. So off we went.
Having purchased several new scarves for the girls and dropped off some mail at the POSTI, we were headed back home to fix some good dinner.
While I prepared dinner, Elinn and Steven were able to skype with their kids for a few minutes.
In the meantime, Jonathan was 'walking' around on the temple grounds trying to decided whether he could stay up another 2 hours or not!!
Back inside......DINNER ready and we better eat before everyone falls asleep!!
Their 'first meal' consisted of SALMON STEAKS with Finnish 'new' potatoes and fresh cooked carrots with a homemade Finnish 'coleslaw' made by a sweet Finnish lady! I think it was a hit with everyone!
And with everyone off to bed, DAY #1 has come to a close....and it has been a fun day! So glad they are here with us!!

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