Saturday, September 11, 2010

This was an especially momentous event for Elinn. This is her first time back there since she served her mission here 15 years ago!! How fun for her to be able to come back 'home'!!

The ferry boat ride was a 3-hour trip....and we had fun on the way over. Including a great breakfast.
Jonathan, Tina and Wayne and I stayed in a great hotel just less than one block from the OLD CITY. Steven and Elinn would be staying with MARGIT AND ALEXANDER TIMAKOV. Elinn knew Margit very well when she served here.
This hotel was indeed great but had very interesting hallways......yes, those are some type of 'barrier' walk-arounds. Couldn't quite figure it out.
This little picture was taken atop the walkway on top of the Old WALL.
And the kids 'found' some cute little offsets that made for a perfect picture.
Another view from another overlook of the OLD CITY.
We had dinner with the Timakov's at this great restaurant called 'GRANDMA'S KITCHEN'. It truly was delicious food......want to come back here again sometime.
I am pointing to a meal at the top which I got and the one at my thumb is the one Wayne got. Both great choices. Both so very delicious!!
I could NOT resist a big glass of SOUR MILK (as the buttermilk is called here in Europe). It was the BEST EVER sour milk I have had. Nice and thick and cold and delicious. Jonathan couldn't resist getting in the picture. He also couldn't believe his mother was drinking such 'disgusting stuff' (as he called it).
Margit and Alexander standing at the entrance to this great restaurant.
And I couldn't believe this adorable window flower planter along one of the streets. Have never seen one like this. A PIG WINDOW FLOWER PLANTER!
As we were walking back to our hotel, we 'found' a celebration going on. Apparently tomorrow there is going to be a MARATHON!! And Steven was practicing and wishing he could be a participant for this one!!
They even had a great display of FIREWORKS as a part of the kickoff celebration.
What a great first day here. Tomorrow we will be going to church at the ESTONIAN BRANCH. 'Talk to ya then"! Or....whenever we have a connection (since we will be checking out of the hotel and getting the ferry back to Helsinki tomorrow night).

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