Monday, September 13, 2010

We decided we would head over to Porvoo today with Jonathan and Tina. Steven and Elinn were still in Estonia visiting with Elinn's old 'mission acquaintances'! And having a wonderful time ...... as we would find out when they got back to Helsinki tonight.
Archway entrance to the Old Church at the 'top of the hill' of the Old City.
Wayne and Jonathan were admiring the painting of the Last Supper.....notice the large ship hanging down from the ceiling. That is a common sight in the old coastal town churches.
A closer look of the painting of THE LAST SUPPER. Very pretty rendition.
View looking up the cobblestone street to the Old Church.....and loved the beautiful fall colors appearing on the trees now.
And walking to the Old City.
We had lunch at a great little restaurant......had salmon soup. The sun was actually shining at the moment!
The old building along the bank of the river.......very quaint and so pretty.
Tina mailed a couple of post cards at the POSTI box.
As the Mission CAR CZAR, he 'found' the next mission car!!! I am not sure that President Haikkola would go for this one though.
Back at home at the end of the day......Veli ja Sisar Michie and their daughter visiting from Utah, Lisa, stopped by for a little visit.
Fun.....FUN.....FUN day! Tomorrow ..... downtown Helsinki and the 'usual' sights.

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