Monday, September 20, 2010

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

Fussen, Germany

No trip is complete here without going to the Castle! It is beautiful and we love coming here.....never tire of it.
We had just enough time to take a tour (in English of course) before heading up to Muchen for a soccer game.
Taken from the 4th floor of the inside of the castle overlooking the area below. What a great view.
BUT....alas.....we did NOT know there was to be a VIEHSCHEID here in Fussen today! And that would delay our getting off of the mountain and to our car by ONE HOUR!!! Not good...we had tickets to pick up at will-call and get to the game early! Could we do it!?
I was driving 140 KM per hour! Not sure how fast that was in 'real english' but it sure felt
F A S T ....
The plan was to drop Jonathan off as close to the WILL CALL office as possible. HE got the tickets are we were off to the entrance gate to see the KICK-OFF!!
It was a packed house of 86,000 people......exciting to be there.
I think this was the most funniest part for Jonathan!! He loves his soccer!!
Steven and Elinn seemed to enjoy it as well.
Dad and I enjoyed the 'hot dogs' and pretzels.....everything was BIG!!
And here are Jonathan and Tina's hot dogs.......not like American ones.
Needed a picture by the official SIGN.
And outside the stadium as well.... too!
After the game we headed to the AIRPORT to catch our flight back to Helsinki!!
What a WHIRLWIND 4 days in Germany...but a wonderful time was had by all!!! :-)

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