Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OH MY.......
Can it really be that time of the year again, already!

We woke up this morning to find the 'delivery truck' had arrived.....with the FALL FLOWERS to be planted! The beautiful SUMMER FLOWERS are being pulled up.
Caught SISAR KAILANKO as she was leaving the temple today (and we were arriving to work on the afternoon shift) so I could give her the cross stitch bookmark I made for her. She loved it....she is so cute. And I love that she is actually shorter than I am!!
While in the temple Tuesday afternoon, we saw SISAR MULTAMÄKKI! We did not know she was coming this week. How fun to see her. She is only here until Thursday. We decided, along with the Michie's, that we needed to take her out to dinner Tuesday night. It was off to the IKEA CAFETERIA we went....they have great salmon dinner!! We also brought Sisar Hintikki because she just needed a little 'break'! She is from Jyvaskylä.
OKIE--DOKIE FOLKS!!! It is HERE.......FREEZING TEMPS ARE OFFICIALLY HERE!! This is how our thermometer registered this morning as we looked out the window! Ready or not....here comes WINTER!! Bring it on....we are ready.

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