Sunday, February 14, 2010


This has been Rostov, Russia week. We have not had as many Russians as we have had in the past.....maybe winter time, maybe the cost for them to come. Not sure why but those who came were so excited about being here. It has been a very fulfilling week for them.

When we finished working at the temple on Saturday afternoon, Veli Jäkkö came to our apartment so he could teach us how to make Finnish PULLA. It is really good and I wanted to know how the Finns make it.
He uses NO recipe because his mother taught him how to make it. Therefore, as he 'threw things into the pot' I tried to estimate how much of what he was putting in! This should be interesting to make in the future! Fingers and hands were his best 'kitchen tools'!

The WHOLE bag of flour will be just fine for him! None of this 5 or 6 cup thing!
And, again, NO mixer......just hands to knead the dough until it doesn't 'stick to your hand' any longer....then you know it is ready to rise!!
Now it was time to take over the dining room table and roll the dough out so it can be shaped.

And cutting it just 'his style'.......angled and not a straight line......
However, Sisar Jäkkö prefers to braid hers.......
And then it was rising again before the baking took place.
We had about 18 or so missionaries staying int he asuntola this weekend......visas renewed. We had a perfect 'audience' to share the 5 trays of PULLA with. And now they can go back to Russia and tell all their friends they have had authentic FINNISH PULL!


Tonight at church we had a FRIENDSHIP VALENTINE EVENING. It was put on by the Haaga Ward Relief Society. A lot of folks came and really enjoyed themselves. It was a nice way to end the weekend.

This week......St. Petersburg Russia Saints will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.


  1. That looks really good. What a fun thing to learn!

  2. They are sooooo good! I hope I can learn to make them really good someday! :-)