Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We are thinking grass, know, those kinds of things! Green - spring.

It has continued to snow off and on forever and 'Frosty' is in need of yet another 'snowcut'! Bless his little pea-pickin heart.
My basket of handmade 'needle-felting' eggs has grown a whole bunch too. I have had fun making them.

And yesterday the SUN came out and we had an absolutely kaunis BLUE sky! Couldn't resist another picture of the temple as we walked up the steps to go to work.
This is Rostov, Russia week. There have not been as many folks here this week as in weeks past. The comment was made that it is either because of the snowy weather (which I would think people are used to here!) and the people want to stay home and 'hunker' down OR people are saving their money so they can attend the KIEV UKRAINE TEMPLE later this year when it opens (hopefully). Not sure why....but we continue to love those who do come!

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