Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We had a great day in the temple today! But, every day is a great day. I am feeling a bit more comfortable with Russian the more I have a chance to use it.....which is just about every day now! Love that. Pretty much at any given time I find myself using not only Finnish but English and Russian! The Lord is truly blessing me with being able to tackle these difficult languages!

We are on the morning shift this week. Us Temple Missionaries had our Wednesday night meeting with the President and Matron in the temple tonight. It was very good. When we got home our skype phone was ringing. It was S & E and crew!! How fun to talk to them for a minute....... or two.....the kids are all getting sooooo big!!
Here is the 'skype' picture. Love modern technology. S & E were going to go for a run around town and go by our home to check on things. Still NO SCHOOL.....this is the 2nd week now. Roads are not clear enough to even get 2 school buses down 'B' Street! Everybody is so ready for school to start again!!

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