Saturday, February 6, 2010


PLEASE TELL US THAT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Our oldest grandson getting his learners permit! NNNNNOOOOO! Tyler you are not old enough! I remember when he was just a baby.....and a cute one at that.

So, apparently, after he got the 'official' permit in hand, he was behind that wheel and ready to go. And, true to being a teenager, he wanted to go through a DRIVE-THUR. And where did he go......thank goodness it was not McDonald's. He went to DUNKIN DONUTS!

The same day Tyler had his BIG DAY, we also had a HUGE SNOW STORM in the D.C. area. There was an expected 2 feet of snow. Steven went over to check on things at our home.
Bless his heart! He could not get up 'C' Street (which is where our home is). I guess the roads had not been plowed yet. He walked to the top of the street and took a picture of our home. This is the first 1 feet of snow. Looks just like our KAUNIS SUOMALAINEN TALVI. Only it was right there in Brunswick. KAUNIS! Probably won't have church tomorrow!

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