Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We had a fun, full P-Day yesterday! We started the morning off by driving over to Sello for a few quick groceries and errands.....like Posti, Tiimari and Florist. And, of course, City Market for the food. Not much but a few necessities! On the way over there we noticed these 'tracks' in the snow on the temple vacant lot. The TEMPLE HARE had been through there. He can't hide his trail with these kind of 'paw prints'. I sure hope we can get him to slow down long enough one day before we leave to take his picture.....and more than a blur like we have!
Sorry......but had to take one more picture of the beautiful temple. We walked over to Tuula's hair dresser place for my hair cut! I can't believe these 5 weeks can go by so quickly. I just don't know how that happens.

The ALAKOSKI'S invited us over to their home in the afternoon. We had a wonderful time! We had NO idea of what to expect. They just wanted to have us over and we said yes. They are wonderful people and we have enjoyed so much working with them in the temple. He was the 1st counselor in President Luthy's Presidency.

Sisar Alakoski is quite the 'handicraft' person. My goodness......I have never seen so many beautiful handmade things.....except maybe in my mother's own home!! While we sat and visited she just sat there knitting a pair of socks. And with 5 needles! Incredible. Didn't even look at what she was doing!
After we had a delicious afternoon meal (not lunch and not dinner!) of homemade salmon soup, which was out of this world, and a delicious fruit cake, we sat around talking some more. It was time to see all of her wonderful handiworks. She took me up to her 'store'!! Her husband didn't know she had so much.
And she only brought out PART of what she has.
I picked out and bought several things. A lot of what she makes has HEARTS on it. She loves hearts and said she had made 1,789 hearts to date!!! WOW

Because Wayne's birthday is this week, she told him to pick out a pair of sock and mittens as a gift to him! He did and they are so warm!!! Very unique the way she makes hers. Not like anyone else's! And I bought me a HAT....a typical Finnish hat. So warm and comfortable. I also bought a wall hanging with hearts on it (of course). And on the hearts are handmade lace from Rauma....well known all over for their beautiful LACE!!! I induldged in a cute heart pillow for our bed along with a pair of wrist warmers! I look forward to going back again and buying more for the grandkids!! :-)

We thought we would be gone for about 2 hours.....5 hours later we arrived back at the asuntola! GREAT DAY!!!

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