Sunday, February 7, 2010



The 'official' unofficial total snow fall counts are in for Brunswick and Urbana, Maryland.....roughly 28 - 30 inches! Not bad for a ONE DAY TOTAL!
Church was canceled throughout the stake (and beyond) today. President Suhaka (Frederick Maryland Stake President) suggested that Sunday's are a day to go to church and worship, but today he said it should be a day of SERVICE. Get out and help your neighbors dig out and make sure folks in the neighborhood are okay.
Good Advice. Top picture, 1st one.....Steven digging out at their home in Brunswick. Top picture, 2nd one......Jonathan does the same at his home in Urbana with the help of his strong boys! Unfortunately, J & T left their garage door open on Friday night and had a lot of snow on the inside! That was not fun for them.
Moving to this side of the world where we are, Finland, we were able to get a picture of Veli ja Sisar Peciulis sporting their brand new missionary name tags. Bless their hearts. They have been here for 3 months and have waited a very, very long time for them to get here. They were all smiles and LOVE wearing them.
This weekend we have a total of 11 Russian Missionaries here at the asuntola. Some from Novosibirsk and some from Yekaterinburg. They are all here to renew their visas (which all missionaries in Russia have to do every 3 months). They are 'stuck' here in Finland until at least Tuesday. We gave them a ride to the Haaga Ward today. We had to do that in shifts because of having so many. Plus we still have us 10 temple missionaries.
The 1st load were the Sisar Missionaries. The Veli's were the last load. Of course we had to have a group shot. Veli Allgaier was kind enough to take the picture....with 8 cameras dangling from his wrist. Nice job Veli!!

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