Monday, February 8, 2010



We planned to stay 'home' going downtown Helsinki this week. We were just there 5 days ago. No dental appointments to go to; tori not open; don't need anything from any stores! Good day to stay 'local'!
Because it snowed again last night......probably another 5 inches or so......Wayne was up before the crack of o'dawm (5:45 a.m. to be exact) to shovel!! He really wanted to beat Veli Pecilius to the snow-blower! Funny to watch grown men (and missionaries at that) race to the snow-blower for some fun and excitement! Wayne won!!!! :-)
Mid-morning we needed to walk over to the Posti and mail a package for Main Street. It was still snowing but it was a nice walk. This tree was just so 'picture-perfect' that we couldn't resist taking a picture!
And Wayne got left holding 'the bag' for the Posti while I took the picture. We didn't want the 'package' to get wet before we got it mailed so we put it in a bag to keep it dry!
When we got home I worked some more on my 'needle-felting' projects.....hearts and easter eggs. I made a heart for each of the 4 sisar missionaries who are here this weekend from Yekaterinburg Russia Mission. They are here to renew their visas.
They were just so excited to get them. It doesn't take much to make a missionary happy around here!
They are: Sisar Tayler (Cedar Hills, Utah), Sisar Valgardson (Lindon, Utah), Sisar Hakes (Las Cruses, N.M.) and Sisar Rogers (Sammamish, Washington state). They are great young missionaries. The Church is in great hands with these wonderful young women serving in Russia.

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