Thursday, February 25, 2010


Even the Finns will agree with that! They say they have not seen a winter like this in southern Finland for decades!! Global warming or some such thing I guess. 'This is a Lapland Winter' many Finns have also said. And we didn't even have to travel to Lapland to see it! Sweet!
Wayne went on a 'picture taking adventure' around the temple grounds Thursday morning. This is the result of many, many pictures....but I will only share a few here. Not enough room for all of them. Above.....SOME of the tools of the trade of snow-shoveling. The snow blower is stored in a 'shed' at the end of the asuntola.
Steps leading to the temple. I can not even count the number of times these steps have been swept, shoveled and swept and shoveled again and again.....sometimes many times a day!
The sidewalk leading out of the asuntola.....notice you can see a small patch of sidewalk! Matti got down on his hands and knees and chipped that out!! Who is anxious for SPRING!! (Matti works at the asuntola desk during the daytime hours Monday through Friday)
Another view of the front door of the asuntola with the 'tools of the trade' parked right there!
The 'warming posts' where we plug our cars in to warm the engines up. This one is warming the mission Volkswagen Van.
The walkway around the sides and back of the temple also have to be cleared for emergency events....if we were to ever have one!
And Wayne has personally cleared both emergency exits! He is such a hard worker.
I guess the sun must have shone for a minute yesterday because Wayne was able to get a picture of the reflection of it on the stone of the temple.
A different view of the front door of the temple.
And of the temple spire......
And 'Frosty' loving this beautiful kaunis suomenlinen talvi!!
View of the temple from the side street
I came out to find Wayne so he could come in for lunch! He wanted a picture of that too!!

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