Friday, February 19, 2010



So....what happened to Plan 'A' and Plan 'B'?? Well, we are in Finland.....the land of snow and cold! Where nothing, and I mean nothing, gets canceled or delayed because of the weather. But....we decided to make adjustments because of the weather.

We are on the morning shift at the temple this week. We decided that when we finished at the temple this afternoon, we would take a bus and a train and a trolley and finally a ferry boat over to Suomenlinna Island and walk around and have a birthday dinner there. What we didn't count on was it being like a blizzard when we left the temple! :-(

Plan 'A' was.......have di
nner on the Island
Plan 'B' ........ go to the Island so we could take a ferry boat (behind the ice breaker boat) and walk around and then go back to Helsinki for a birthday dinner.
Plan 'C', which we never planned on!, was to stay local this afternoon, have a late lunch, early dinner at a restaurant at Sello and come home so Wayne could go out and shovel and snow-blow the snow that was piling up outside!

Plan 'C' it was......we found a little restaurant that had an 'Indian' buffet. We decided to try that to be different. It was fairly good.

Did a coule of other errands while we were there and then home, sweet apartment, home. Wayne has been outside for 2 hours so far shoveling. At some point he does have to come in for some birthday hot chocolate doesn't he!? :-)

Just plain craziness it is!!

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